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SWTOR Needs Credits for Closure

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 27th February 2012

I found it somewhat anticlimactic that once the big finale cinematic for my storyline played out that it was not immediately followed by credits for the game.
The movies do this, The Force Unleashed (among other games) did this, and given its cinematic nature, why doesn’t SWTOR do this?
Sure, they should be skippable but I was really disappointed that it didn’t happen.

The game started with the iconic roll, it should have ended with the equally iconic credit fanfare.

As some would point out, since it’s an MMO, BioWare might not want players to feel like the game is over and end their subscription.
I say that’s when they could throw in a Ferris Bueller ending… “You’re still here? Well, in that case, here’s some more stuff for you to do.

It’s not like a galaxy-spanning empire is just gonna give up because you killed one guy.

Sure it’s a risk, but it would have added to the immersion factor.
Besides, everyone knows that Star Wars is all about sequels, prequels, re-releases, re-re-releases, and generally anything that can be done to separate you from your money.

Also, if you’re playing an MMO and think it’s over just because there were credits, you’re probably not well suited to be dabbling in the genre anyway.

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Found: The First Intelligent Imperial!

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 27th February 2012

Follow up to a previous rant: Putting the Fear of Me into You

After slaughtering my way across the galaxy, there’s an Imperial officer who “gets it.”

How it usually goes:
Me: “I’ve single handedly defeated your entire armada. Tell me what I want to know.”
Officer: “You got lucky. Now you die for reals.”
Me: *Stabs him*

How it finally went:
Me: “I’ve single handedly defeated your entire armada. Tell me what I want to know.”
Officer 1: “They’re over there.”
Officer 2: “Are you crazy? You’ve betrayed our leader.”
Officer 1: “Did you see how many people this guy just killed to get to us?”
Officer 2: “Good Point. Here’s the key to the door.”

I was so impressed with this singular show of intelligence that I chose not to stab him.

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Where Do These People Come From?

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 24th February 2012

Why is it that the sex-bots seem to latch onto every low-level character I bring through the quest hubs?

I try to be polite and play along with the RP inasmuch as I can deflect their overt advances, but is there something about me that screams, “Talk to me because I look like the type of person that might actually be fooled into believing you’re female” or do these people just cast their net and see what they bring in?

Just now, for instance, someone made a silly remark in general chat.
I replied with an equally goofy remark because that’s what I do.
The next thing I know, “she” tells me I should talk to her “sister” because we’d probably get along.
Then “she” logs onto “her” alt and proceeds to do the whole “shy with a hint of naughty” thing, hoping I’ll bite.

I don’t, and I’m not sure why these people don’t give up because I tend to play it needlessly obtuse throughout the conversation.
In fact, I’m VERY sleepy right now and I’m honestly not sure everything I said was entirely coherent and yet “she” continues trying to wear me down.
I’ve even been invited to come watch “her sister” dance at the cantina this weekend.

Maybe I just need to put on my robe and my wizard hat and be done with it.

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Breaking the Jedi Code

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 12th February 2012

So in SWTOR, we can romance one of our companion characters.
Right now it’s only opposite-sex romances, but that’s a different issue altogether.

Anyway, I recently got my companion’s affection rating high enough that we’ve decided to pursue a long-term relationship.

Now, this wouldn’t ordinarily bother me because it’s in-line with the story that’s being told and if I, as a player didn’t like the idea, it is within my power to avoid it and continue on with the game.

What does actually trouble me about it is that very early in the game one of my quests required me to rat out a couple of Padawans that were pursuing a romantic relationship (spoiler: if you accept the bribe, they give you a crystal that’s on par with the preorder crystal) and here I am not only doing the same thing but it’s got that whole creepy/incestuous student/teacher vibe to it.

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Putting the Fear of Me into You

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 1st February 2012

Dear Imperial Commanders,

I have just single-handedly waded through eleventy billion of your soldiers to get from the front door of your massive fortress all the way to your inner sanctum and now I am offering you a chance to surrender so I don’t have to kill the last 3 living beings still occupying this structure.

I have blazed a swath of destruction across the galaxy through every single Imperial operation I’ve come across since the day I picked up my very first training saber.

I am clearly a badass mother f*cker and should not be trifled with.

Just once I’d like to see one of you do the smart thing and come along peacefully so I don’t have to beat you and your boys to death and drag your corpse back to HQ.

How it always goes down:
Imp Commander: Well, I see that you’ve made it this far but now you will die.
Me: Surrender and I’ll see that you aren’t harmed.
Imp Commander: You may have killed everyone in the building but now I’m going to kill you. Don’t feel bad though, because your death will play a pivotal role in galactic history.
(48 seconds later)
Me: Captain, gather up what’s left of the Commander and bring it back to the base.

How it should have ended:
Imp Commander: OMG you’ve killed every able-bodied man under my command!
Me: Surrender and I’ll see that you aren’t harmed.
Imp Commander: You betcha!

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