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Late Night Grocery Shopping

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 24th March 2012

Dear small woman who helped me at the Kroger self-serv checkout tonight:

While it was nice of you to scan my drinks so I didn’t have to take them out of the cart, rearrange my bags on the bagging carousel so I could fit more things on it, and open up some more empty bags for me even though I was doing just fine all by myself, all I really needed you to do was hit the reset button so that the machine that didn’t seem to think my lettuce weighed what it should and, therefore, wanted you to make sure I wasn’t stealing something, and then let me continue scanning and pay for my groceries and go home.

I do, nevertheless, appreciate that you care about your job and want to provide good service.


Also, even though I was quite willing to work through the picture menus on my own, I’m not sure whether I should be frightened or impressed that you seem to know all the direct entry codes for the produce I was buying.

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I am Officially Giving Up on The Sims Social.

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 10th March 2012

I was willing to jump through their hoops to dabble in an interesting little time killer but it’s become obvious to me that it’s nothing but a money grab.

You need about 8 friends playing the game to make any progress.
Then they tempt you into completing the quests but in order to complete them, you either need a billion friends playing regularly OR you need to spend money.

Case in point:
Now that I have some Facebook alts to be neighbors, I finally have a chance to accomplish some goals so I thought I’d participate in this week’s weekly quest.

What I have to do:
– Buy an item from the store with in-game currency. Done.
– Assemble this item by spamming your friends repeatedly to get them to supply you with items. You need a lot of items and are limited on how often you can spam. In Progress.
– Buy another item from the store with in-game currency. Done.
– Assemble this item by using many of the same things you need for item #1 resulting in the two assembly attempts working against each other. Done.
– Complete a quest with multiple parts that requires either more of the same items, more mundane items, or random drops from world interactions. In Progress.

Now, this is the one that really gets me…
After assembling one of the aforementioned items, you need to use it repeatedly to gain skill in it.
That’s not a big deal, it’s just time consuming since you have a limited amount of energy that takes a little over an hour to fully recharge.
BUT in order to gain all the skills on this item, I have to unlock multiple tiers, EACH ONE using more of these friend-given items.

Given enough time, this would be possible and I’m perfectly willing to spend the time doing it BUT THEY ONLY GIVE YOU SEVEN DAYS TO COMPLETE IT!

I’ve been working on this one since it went live and I’ve completed half the quest, partially unlocked the 3rd (of 9) skills, and have just over half the stuff needed to construct the other item.

BUT they’ll take pity on me and let me spend a little “Sim Cash” to bypass many of these requirements.
OR if I don’t get the quest completed in time, they’ll sell me the quest reward for a significant amount of Sim Cash.

Oh yeah, Sim Cash is what you buy with real money.
You earn a tiny bit as you level-up but if you ever expect to buy anything good, you’re gonna need a lot more than they give you.
The conversion rate is about 7 per dollar.

I was willing to jump through your hoops up to a point, EA.
But now it’s clear to me that you expect me to jump and miss and then give you my money.

Well, it ain’t happening.
It’s a fun little time waster, but I’m done with it.

Good day, sir.



UPDATE 15 Mar 2012

I held off on removing The Sims Social so I could see how much they wanted to charge me for the ‘almost impossible to complete’ quest item.
40 Sim Cash.
That’s almost $5.75

Now it should be noted that it’s possible to earn the occasional Sim Cash in-game but they are few and far between.
I’ve got enough to buy this particular item but that’ll leave me with less than 20.
…which they’ll then try to bleed out of me through the next impossible quest so that I have to start coughing up money if I want to enjoy the game.

I’ll be removing that game from my profile in the next 5 minutes.
I was willing to jump through the hoops and deal with the hassles to play for free, but I’m not willing to play a game that’s designed to bleed me dry if I ever hope to make progress.

My complaint isn’t about being charged for what’s essentially a cosmetic item… it’s that they dangle the “freebie carrot” in front of you, knowing full well that you can’t ever reach it.

The sad thing is, if I had really wanted the quest item, I’d have probably paid for it.
I mean, it’s in the $5 range and I’ve certainly paid more for digital collectibles.
I wanted to enjoy the quest.
I wanted to get the feeling of earning this item at the end of a long series of tasks.
But instead, I can ignore the tasks and get the prize for $6 in a week or I can do the quest and pay $30 for all the various collectibles I need to gather for the quest that I can’t possibly hope to get without eleventy billion friends.

No, the fundamental design of this game is to cheat people and I want no part of it.

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World Boss: Class is in Session

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 8th March 2012

A couple of days ago while I was running around clearing out some old low-level quests I started wondering if I could solo the World Boss on Coruscant.

I mean, sure he’s got 200k health but I’m lvl 50 and he’s only a lvl 18 champion.
It would follow the standard pattern of how I beat down the low-end mobs… I’ll beat on them for awhile and whittle away their health as they flail impotently at me.

He wouldn’t aggro me because of our level difference so I didn’t even bother to stealth and sneak into backstab position.
I just walked up behind him and stabbed him.
Then I followed up with the telekinetic beatdown.
I was feeling pretty good about myself at this point because my two opening attacks had knocked 2% of his health off.
At this rate, it wasn’t gonna take as long as I’d thought to kill him.

Then he made a droid noise that I figured was probably the smack talk that most high-end NPC’s say but since I can’t understand it, I didn’t pay much attention to it.
However, just out of curiosity, after the fight I checked the chat tab I have that’s dedicated to NPC chatter for a translation.

It seems that he said, “Here’s your ass. I see that you’ve dropped it.”

How the fight went:
Me: Backstab! Mob Health = 99%
Me: TK Throw! Mob Health = 98%
Mob: Smackdown! My Health = 56%
Me: WTF! Mob Health = 97%
Mob: Bazinga!
Me: Should I revive here or back in the med center?

Even with a group, how would you fight something that can do this kind of damage?
I was discussing this with a friend as I was lying there dead and the prevailing theory is that the damage is divided between your group.

The more I thought about it, I realized that was quite an ingenious way to handle it.
It keeps high level people like me from soloing it while still making it possible for a large group of low-levels.
So what I really need in order to pull it off is a large group of meat shields because I’d hardly feel that that 6k attack if it was split between a bunch of people.

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