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You Won't Win if You Do Play.

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 18th March 2014

Here’s a little story that serves as proof that my sense of humor did not come from my mother.

I like to play the lottery but only when the jackpots become “worthwhile” (usually above $300 million) because otherwise it’s too expensive to play twice a week every week and that cutoff point keeps the wasted money to a minimum.

You can’t buy lottery tickets in Nevada and I’d have to drive at least an hour to stand in a huge line at the California border to get them.
Instead, I just ask my mother to pick them up while she’s out and about since you can get ’em at every convenience store in Texas.

Now, my mother doesn’t really understand how the lottery works and instead of checking the numbers for herself, she scans the ticket and emails it to me so I can check them.
Hell, I’m just impressed that she can usually figure out how to use her scanner.

Anyway, she sends me a scan of today’s ticket with the message: “I’m scanning you the winner!”

My reply: “I’m gonna need you to scan a different ticket because the one you scanned didn’t win anything.”

So she sends me two more scans of the same ticket with the message, “Hope this one is better!”

I know what you’re thinking… “Hey, that’s kinda clever. Why are you complaining?”

Because I know my mother and she didn’t send the new scans to be a smartass, she sent them because she thought I didn’t get the others.

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