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I’m a Genuinely Terrible Mayor

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 20th March 2015

No matter what I try to do to improve the lives of my citizens in Cities Skylines, I seem to make something worse.

I tried to build new roads to alleviate traffic but they all just shifted over to this new road because it was a more direct route and it immediately became a giant parking lot.

So I made parts of it 1-way to divert some of the traffic and they practically stopped using it.

One of the many traffic nightmares that plague my city.

Now I’ve got garbage trucks backed up for miles and a sudden spike in the mortality rate means that the hearses can’t get to the dead bodies fast enough which is causing a health crisis.

Then, to make matters worse, a link in my power chain went down which caused my suburb across the highway to suffer brownouts right about the time the pollution from a designated polluting zone grew large enough that it started contaminating my drinking water causing more sickness and death.

I was using this first city as sort of a ‘sandbox’ to see how everything works without the pressures of a budget, but I’m about to the point of just starting completely over so I could at least untangle my bus routes.

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