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99 Cred Balloons

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 24th June 2015

I’m a little surprised that day two of the big credit dupe in Star Wars: The Old Republic​ has come and gone with no hotfix.

It’s not even one of those things that requires you to dance on one foot under a full moon to exploit… it’s as simple as buying a 1cr item from a vendor (as intended) and then immediately selling it back for 100cr (unintended).

It takes less than 5 seconds to create 9,801cr since you can buy 99 of the things at once.
Dedicated exploiters can crank out tens of millions of credits in a very short amount of time.

I mean, at the very least they should have run a hotfix today to just remove the item from the vendor and then fixed the item and put it back in with a regular Tuesday update next week.

There was a notice about it on Tuesday after the extended maintenance and they’ve posted updates about it over time, but it remains unfixed.
If they were going to hotfix it on Thursday, they’d have certainly posted an announcement before now.


UPDATE: Looks like they’re hotfixing it (with very little notice) early Thursday morning.

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Under the Dumb

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 22nd June 2015

The third season of Under the Dome starts on Thursday and I’ve got mixed feelings about it.
I’ve got sort of a love-hate relationship with this show in that I wanted to like it and thought it got off to a pretty good start but by the second season, I was really hoping it’d get cancelled so I wouldn’t feel obligated to keep watching it.

It’s not that the general premise is bad, it’s that the people in the town are just very, very stupid, and I’m bothered by that.

I mean, this is a small town so it’s not like some giant metropolis has been bottled in.
People know each other and the fact that they’ve been completely cut off from the outside world by some unknown technology (or magic) means that they’re gonna react in a certain way.
That way is not calm yet firm resolve.
The story is based on a book and I have no idea how it dealt with such a thing, but my point is that given the small, rural population of this area, hysteria should be the order of the day.

But, you say, after a time, people would start to pull together to help each other out.
Yes, this is true, and I could buy that answer up to a certain point.
However, what I thought was a story unfolding over a couple of months (which would have made sense), was apparently a story being told over a couple of days.
In season 2 (after everything that happened in season 1) only a couple of weeks have passed.

This leads into my next point… Given that time is only passing about 1 day per episode, how the hell do these people not remember (or care) what happened yesterday??!?
There’s some Snidely Whiplash level dastardly deeds being done and while most of the people are completely oblivious to it (which seems unlikely given the size of their universe), the ones who aren’t seem to not care about it anymore after the end of the episode.

Hero: That dude was planning to kill most of you because we don’t have enough food.
Townie: Not possible. That dude is a pillar of the community and we’ve only survived this long because of him.
Villain: No, it’s true. And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids. But I did what I did to save this town.
Townie: Well, ok. No harm, no foul.

And then the cycle repeats for the next episode.

Hero: We could have all safely escaped if that dude hadn’t been so greedy and ruined it for everyone by trying to save himself.
Townie: Not possible. That dude is a pillar of the community and we’ve only survived this long because of him.
Villain: No, it’s true.  I’m on a mission from god.
Townie: Well, ok. No harm, no foul.

This is a series where my 7-episode rule has let me down.
I bought into the premise and now I feel obligated to keep watching the show even though I keep hoping it’ll be cancelled so I can free myself from it.
In the meantime, my OCD demands that I keep watching all the episodes.

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