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Adventures in TV Pilots: Heroes Reborn

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on September 26th, 2015

I finally got around to watching Heroes Reborn tonight.

I’m a little wary of this series after the way the original Heroes went off the rails, but I’m still willing to give it a shot.

Heroes is actually the show that inspired my "7 episode" rule because that show felt like it was wandering without any hope of ever giving even the smallest bit of payoff to the audience.
If I hadn’t stayed for 7 episodes, I’d have missed out.
Sure, that final season was a major letdown and it suffered from the usual ‘too many episodes, not enough story’ problem that affects so many network shows.

Anyway, based on the first 2 episodes, this one looks like it’s both back on track and set to give a better entertainment experience than its predecessor… but time will tell.

My only real problem with it at this point is that surely they know part of their core audience plays videogames, so why is it that the videogame that plays a significant role 1) has a stupid name, and 2) is rendered like something you’d see in one of those cheesy insurance commercials for The General?
I mean, videogame technology as it exists right now is practically photorealistic.
What this says to me is that they either don’t have the budget or the time to do these scenes right and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d contracted that Taiwanese outfit that does those goofy animations for news stories because it looks just like that.

Seriously, I’m intrigued by this whole "going Tron" concept but if that’s what it’s gonna look like, they need to abandon the idea as quickly as possible because it’s hurting the production value of the show.

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